Monday, 12 September 2011

My Package Arrived!

Yeay! I finally got my package from Miss Selfridge UK! Well what I got is below :

Flare Jeans: I really love the jeans unfortunately they don't fit me... Will need to work a bit harder in working out.

Jean Top: Fits well.. A bit to short around the torso... Will need to do some sit ups for it :)

Red Jumpsuit: Love the material... nice and soft... good in hot weather...

Dress: Gorgeous!

Jumpsuit: Will need to wear a singlet in it as the sleeves are a bit too baggy. Looks great on... Well that's what my bf says.

Well I bought all this for my upcoming Singapore trip in October... I am currently under the influence... So I hope this all makes sense!

Have a great week ahead :)

PS: I like to keep my blog nice and simple and I have another package coming on the way wooo hoo!

With Love!

Flare Jeans

Jean Top

Red Jumpsuit



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